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The puppies from Bergerhaus Long Hair German Shepherds are beautiful and well socialized. Mom and Dad are both on the premises and are both beautiful and of sound temperament. The puppies are raised in the home and the attention they receive is apparent in their happy dispositions. They are also well on the way to being totally housebroken at the time they are placed.

Tony is great about giving updates on his pups as they grow and develop. The puppies are well socialized and intelligent, as well as being adorable both in looks and behavior.

I would recommend Bergerhaus German Shepherds to anyone who loves the breed!

Patty L.



Meadow is doing great and came into our home like she was born here. She does not bother the cats too much and has a best friend with my cavalier puppy that is 8 months old now. They constantly play together and I think this has helped her adjust so quickly.

She is definitely mooma's girl as she is my constant companion. She sleeps well in her crate at night and has never made any mess. She occasionally has had an accident but most of the time she is very good. She is the best dog we have ever had. She is very protective and such a wonderful dog. We all love her dearly and she is most spoiled. Just such a wonderful breed of dog. Thank you for breeding such a great girl.

Thank you Tony for breeding such a wonderful puppy and also wonderful breed.....  This is the smartest and best breed of dog that we have ever had and an ideal family pet.  She's not hyper, very smart, wonderful tempermant, and easily trained. Again she is the best dog that we have ever had!

Cheryl ,Bob and Meadow

"As someone who grew up with German Shepherds, the breed has been very close to my heart. As a boy my first dog was a German shepherd, he was my baby sitter and my best friend.  Before the summer, my wife and I started talking about getting a new puppy and the decision of what breed to get was not even discussed, as we both knew we wanted another German shepherd.  We started researching breeders and found that most of the breeders were not breeding the type of dog we wanted. Sure, some of them were inexpensive but having experienced health issues in the past with a rescue we were not about to take any chances. We found Bergerhaus German Shepherds online and after looking at the dogs on their website and a brief call with Tony, we knew this was the place we were looking for.

Tony is a great breeder, a kind and down to earth person and very knowledgeable. He also shares the same love for the breed as we do. We picked up our puppy after visiting Tony and meeting his dogs and we are very pleased.  He took the time to answer our questions and concerns and our puppy is gorgeous and healthy. We get stopped everywhere we go and people ask us about where we got him. I would highly recommend Bergerhaus German Shepherds. “

Eder Holguin.

We have been searching for a puppy and had looked into several  breeders for one.  I had a brief conversation with Bergerhaus and continued getting information.    I was contacted again and told about this puppy they had who peaked my interest.  We continued communicating and hearing how she was growing and developing and some of her traits I decided I wanted her.  Meeting Alex and Minnie her parents proved what wonderful temperment she had.  I am glad I did she has proven to be a smart loving puppy.  Kimba learned sit down and come by 12 weeks was completely house broke as well. She traveled from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire like a champ.  

I have been working and training dogs for 20 years and am impressed with Kimba.  She has already picked up going through agility courses we have her started with bite work and feel she will take to Shutzhund no problem.  She is a social butterfly and loves people.  Bergerhaus has excellent quality dogs and would recommend them to anyone.  I am so glad we decided on getting Kimba.

Michelle Lennox

Zara is everything i was looking for in a shepherd and more, she is intelligent, loyal, loving, and has a fantastic personality.  She is strong minded and strong willed however responds well to discipline and clearly wants to please her people.  She is a confident dog in social situations and has a "big girl" attitude when playing with my male who is about 95 lbs.  She is also great with my son and learned quickly not to jump on him or bite with those sharp little puppy teeth.  Asthetically she is a beautiful dog, very nice bone structure and beautiful black and red coloring.  I will say I was not pleased with the breeder that I got my last shepherd from (my male) and I am so glad that I was able to find Tony. Though only having talked with him over the phone he appears to be a genuine individual who clearly cares about his puppies, where they are placed and about the breed in general.  He is not what you would call a traditional "kennel breeder".  His dogs are beautiful and produce healthy happy puppies.  He was flexible when it came to getting my dog as I am from Maine and he was in Pennsylvania.   He was very helpful with the process of ground shipping and concerned about they health and safety of his dog while in transport.   I would highly recommend Tony as the breeder of choice for your next GSD and would use him again in a heartbeat.  Thank you Tony for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Lindsay Lee

My home is blessed with 2 of Tony's dogs from Alex & Minnie (a female & male, 1.5 yrs apart). George is almost 11 weeks old and can sit, lay down, shake, roll over, fetch / drop, speaks and will take a treat gently. He was even a breeze at potty training. The trainer we have been working with has commented numerous times how incredibly smart & calm he is. Just a wonderful temperament with exceptional intelligence in this little guy. His older sister Sky is equally sharp & was a standout in her training classes also. She has a nose that is dead on.... last winter in Maine the snow was challenging for walking so we trained her to find deer antlers. She nailed it the first venture in the woods! Her nose was so good she even lead me to 5 deer kills from cayotes. Tony said Minnie's female pups are confident and that she is. She'll be 2 in May and I couldn't ask for a more loyal companion then her. I applaud Tony for breeding such majestic dogs with pleasant temperaments & amazing intelligence. I'm not sure weve EVER completed a walk in town without having complete strangers stop, pull over or simply turn the car around to ask where i got my dog. Striking is pretty common the word they say to me..... followed with "is she forsale"! Once George is developed enough to attend short walks with us we'll need to carry Bergerhaus Long Coat German Shepherd business cards with us to hand out.... LOL!

Donna Plourde

"I purchased my dog, Mia, from Tony back in March of 2015.  I have spent a great deal of time researching and thinking about what kind of dog I wanted to add to my family and decided on her.  Tony was a pleasure to work with.  He was very informative throughout the process and easy to communicate with. Mia is 6 months old now, she is very intelligent and loving and fun! Her temperament is exceptional and we cannot go on a walk without numerous people stopping and commenting on how beautiful she is.  I would highly recommend Tony and Bergerhaus."

From the beginning Tony was very helpful and informative. Any questions I had were answered. This is by far the best pup I could ask for. She's brilliant, house trained in 12 hours, goes right to the door and whines to be let out. Goes to the food bowl when she wants food. She's so playful and lovable, and perfect for our family. Thank you so much for such a great and loving pup, and the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

Jaclyn Stolnis


Tony was amazing through the whole process. Was up front and honest about every aspect of the process he has implemented. I appreciate honesty and the love he has for his dogs. I was able to pick my puppy up on the 13th of August and I could tell his dogs were loved and cared for. He was very knowledgeable and informative on health issues and concerns, but never rammed anything down my throat, just gave his information and opinion and left me better informed.

Maybe some day I'll be looking for number 3, and when that time comes I'm 100% coming back to Tony.

Noah Alexander

Bringing home my now 6 month old bergerhaus german shephered Ella-Sol Von Bergerhaus (MINI X ALEX) was the best decision I have ever made. For her age she is very well behaved, we do have some puppy moments but compared to other pups I have been around she is an angel. She is an extremely fast learner, has an incredible prey and play drive. Her Personality is more beautiful than her physical experience (which are stunning). She is confident, try’s to problem solve and loves t...o play with kids, dogs and other animals. As for Tony, he is incredibly passionate about his dogs, which are all very well behaved and stunning. He is always taking time to answer my questions about training, schutzhund and the breed in general. His kids are involved in raising the puppies which was important to me as my dog is around a lot of children including my nephew. In the end I would buy another dog for Bergerhaus German Shepherds!!!

Also, for your future buyers out there…. My pup was one of the last ones in the littler and has turned out to be a top quality dog.

Kapil Mandrekar

Cheyenne is my first long coat shepherd and he is truly a handsome dog. His coloring is spectacular and I really always wanted a black and red shepherd. And he's so soft, much softer than the other shepherds I have had (and have). And I can't say enough about Tony and his commitment to the breed and dogs. I met Tony and his furry bunch and could have stayed for hours just enjoying them all, Alex is stunning as are the "girls". Tony was very knowledgeable, patient and kind when we were deciding about getting another dog since only the day before I learned of his availability we had to have one of our beloved dogs put to sleep. Cheyenne is a great dog and it has proven to be one of the best moves that we have made. We couldn't be more in love with our baby and am very glad I found out about Tony and his great shepherds.

Sherrilyn Yuhas


This is our 3rd GSD and the most calm, smart and sweetest temperament we have had. Thank you for making our family complete. Our puppy house trained herself within 2 days and is quite capable of expressing exactly what she needs and wants. It's amazing how intelligent she is! Tony is willing and able to answer all questions and concerns immediately. Not only will you gain a furry companion but support, compassion and concern from the breeder.

Natashia Kruse

Tony breeds excellent puppies. Great temperament, calm demeanor, smart, and sweet as could be. My pup is confident and fearless. From the moment I got him he allowed me to touch him everywhere. I was able to bathe him, clip his nails, and brush his teeth without any problems – he just let me do it. I got my puppy on a Sunday night and he knew to go potty outside by Tuesday. He slept through the night without crying from the very first night. When I took him to the vet for a check-up, the Doctor was very impressed and even wanted Tony’s information because he is also interested in a puppy. Tony is very responsive (even when I asked silly questions) and knowledgeable about German Shepherds. Getting my puppy from Bergerhaus was seamless and easy. I know I will be getting another puppy from Tony in the future.

Rachel Nir

My entire experience with Bergerhaus German shepherds has been amazing. Tony was always available to answer any questions and offer guidance when needed. His dogs are not only the most beautiful I ever seen, but their temperaments are sweet and smart. My pup is now 8 months and an absolute joy. I cannot recommend Bergerhaus German Shepherds highly enough!!

Dina Clemmer

Tony is so wonderful to work with. He made the experience of finding our dog so seamless. He was there to answer any question we had and was always open and honest with his answers. He kept us informed until the day we picked up our puppy and was there to answer questions after as well. It doesn't hurt that their dogs are exceptional animals either! Thanks for everything!

Erin Cunningham

I can't say enough about Bergerhaus !! Tony is one of the most informative breeders I have ever come across we have been blessed with one of his last litters from Ximba and Alex my boy has the sweetest temperament and has made our home so extra special .. Tony is great when it comes to communicating he's so knowledgable with all spectrums of this breed he answers all our questions he is so passionate about his dogs and cares very much where all his puppies are placed ... We couldn't feel more blessed with our boy Kane he is just beautiful inside and out I highly recommend Bergerhaus to anyone that is looking for a high quality long haired German Shepard !! �

Kristin Osis


Tony big big thank you for giving me Caesar and Missy. I am so happy to have both in my life. You have given to me the world best puppies which now the world best dogs I can think about!

Roswitha Thoenelt

Bergerhaus Long Coat Black and Red German Shepherds, Halifax PA 17032