Available for Stud

#1 Long Coat Male in the USA

VA1 Bellamie vom Praester Land

Bellamie is here for a breeding station from Egypt, he is currently the top long coat male in the USA, he will be the sire of all our future litters until he is no longer here.

His Breed Survey: Standing at the upper limit of size, bone-strong, full-bodied. Very well pigmented. Built in a very good relationship. Expressive, strong head, with very good head proportions and dark eye. Tall, long withers, firm back. Croup should be a bit longer if the situation is good. Well angled fore-, very well angled hindquarters. Extensive breast conditions, correct subline. Straight front. Somewhat tight at the back and in the front. Spirited, powerful, swinging gears, with a very good presentation.

🇩🇪 VA1 BSZS Germany 2017 🇩🇪
🇳🇱 VA1 Siegershow Netherlands 2017 🇳🇱
🇪🇬 VA1 Siegershow Egypt 2017 🇪🇬
🇳🇱 VA1 Siegershow Netherlands 2016 🇳🇱
🇪🇪 VA1 Siegershow Estonia 2016 🇪🇪
🇪🇬 VA1 Siegershow Egypt 2016 🇪🇬
🇩🇪 VA2 BSZS Germany 2016 🇩🇪

‼️ 16 V1 titles as young dog 🥇‼️

Health Testing and Titles: 
AD, BH, KKL (Lifetime) IPO3

HD normal / ED normal / DNA / DM free / IPO3 / kkl

AKC registered ‼️

V2 Bilbo vom Frankengold (AKA Alex) DECEASED Pedigree

Our Male Long Coat German Shepherds are available for Stud to approved Dams and must be tested prior to mating!

Date of Birth: 12-08-2011


V2 at GSDCA Sieger Show

Alex is a Long Coated German Shepherd Import from Germany. He comes from a very strong line of top producing males. He has a great temperament, beautiful color and marking with a very deep red and black pigment with a black mask. Like most boys, he is strong and muscular, very loving, great with family, and protective of our home.

He is the son of 2xVA Omen vom Radhaus, Grandson of 2xVA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, and Great Grandson of 2xVA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard.

Linebreeding - 5 generations

  • No common ancestry was found in 5 generations

Registration: SZ 2275471 German Registration: DN35447801 AKC

Height: 66cm

Weight: 85lbs

HD a1Normal

ED a1 Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Carrier

SG1 Paoolo di Casa Martin (AKA Phoenix) Pedigree

Our Male Long Coat German Shepherds are available for Stud to approved Dams and must be tested prior to mating!

Date of Birth: 11-15-2017

Registration: COR A 32871-18/166 / AKC Pending

Phoenix is our up coming stud, once he passes his health testing he will be available for stud. He is a very thick boned male, with a dark black mask and deep mahogany red coloring.  We are very excited to watch this boy grow into a great Male.

He is the son of of the Super VA1 Groovy Di Casa Massarelli, Grandson to both VA1 Vegas Du Haut Mansard and VA1 Remo von Fitchtenschlag.  His pedigree is filled with VA1 Sires, in 3 Generations there are 7 VA1 Champions this pedigree is unmatched!

Bergerhaus Long Coat Black and Red German Shepherds, Halifax PA 17032