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About Us

    Welcome to Bergerhaus Long Coat German Shepherds...thank you for stopping in! We are a small hobby breeder of West Showline German Shepherds with only a few litters a year.  Our dogs are part of our family, share our home, and travel with us.  We are located in Halifax, PA 17032 about 30 minutes north east of Harrisburg. 

    My love for the breed began during my service in the US Army Military Police Corps, while working alongside German Shepherd bomb dogs in Iraq. I was impressed with their working ability and superior intelligence along with a loving demeanor that was absolutely unmatched.  As I was learning more about the breed and looking for my perfect addition to my family, I saw the Long Coats for the first time and fell in love.  Our dogs have brought pure joy and happiness into our home and it is our goal to bring the same joy and happiness into yours! 

    We specialize in Deep Mahogany Black/Red Long Coat German Shepherds from European stock and Imported from Germany. Our dogs have Pink SV papers (German), are AKC registered, and DNA tested. They have sound temperaments, are very intelligent, easy to train, loyal, and protective.  Everyone is encouraged to stop in for a visit of our home, meet our family, and see our GSD's. It is our goal to produce top quality German Shepherds with a stunning black and deep red coat with loving personalities, outstanding character, and family protection in one perfect package.

    Integrity is Very important with us, you will Never feel pressured into getting a Puppy, we are very honest and direct with our process and time table when we will have Puppies available. All the Information Posted about our Dogs can be verified through Documentation. Our Pictures are Never Altered or adjusted to mislead you into thinking our dogs are better than they are, and to be Honest we do not need too :)

   The day you pickup your Bergerhaus puppy you will be invited into a Secret Facebook page called Bergerhaus Puppy Club (if you so choose to accept) here you can interact with others Bergerhaus puppy owners, watch littermates of your baby grow, become friends with other puppy owners, and ask advise from everyone in the group!

   We offer a Discount for Current or Prior Military Service and Law Enforcement!

Contact by Email: berger_aj@hotmail.com or 

Phone: 717-903-9977

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Bergerhaus Long Coat Black and Red German Shepherds